Burmese Check-Point... Tanao Sri Mountains.

A quick one day-er of just under 500km, up to a border post between Burma and Thailand.


This was actually the first ride I did on the CBR just after I bought her, x-mas day 2010. The road had finished rather abruptly, and I had now heard that there's a dirt road leading up to the border a few hundred meters beyond. Might as well go check it out.

From 2010:

 The end of the road:

 2012, an all black bike, and about 200m past the end of the road:

Not the most secure check-point in the World. In my 10 minutes there half a dozen Thai registered pick-ups fully laden with God knows what came up over the Burmese ridge and were waved on through by all the soldiers.

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  1. You need to get the new CRF250 to get off-road and into those hills haha.

    Those mountain roads do look nice!