3 Day Mini-Tour of Southern Isaan Temples.

A nice 3 day ride of Southern Isaan.

Friday evening and up to Phi Mai, Khorat.

Nice guesthouse and bar to chill at.

Up at 6am to begin the day with Phi Mai Temple.

Someone in town has some style.

Time to hit the road and head for Phanom Rung temple, in Buriram.

Morning life in Isaan:

Phanom Rung, Buriram.

The view over the Khorat Plateux from Phanom Rung Temple.

some roadside delicacies for lunch.

Some blue Isaan sky on the way to Phra Wihan, the disputed temple on the border with Cambodia, in Sisaket.

Mist over Cambodia, the cliff is the border between Thailand and Cambodia.

Back on the road to get to my friend's house in Mahasarakham.

A nutritious dinner of Whiskey and Cheese:

The next day's ride to the mountains of Petchabun. Where the flat Khorat Plateux meets the mountains of Central Thailand.

And finally a nice sunset to take me down Route 21 and back to Bangkok.


  1. Brill, I loved the rice growing before you got to Petchaburi

  2. Ummmmm, yummy cheese there!!!! But hope U didn't ride ur bike after ur scotch!!!! Take care man!!! CU @ Pr.......!

  3. Awesome bike!!!
    I loved the bike and the author who posted it.
    Nice pic and great view.