Ancient Khmer Temple Tour, Sisaket and Surin, Isaan, Thailand.

2 nice days touring the Khmer temples of Sisaket and Surin in Southern Isaan.

Day 1: Sisaket:

 The nice, peaceful life.

Back on the road and over the border into Cambodia territory, in Phra Wihan National Park.

 Pa Mo I Daeng, red cliffs. Phra Wihan National Park

I'm standing in Thailand, the cliff is the border, and all the valley below is Cambodia.

 Over the edge to the oldest Buddhist bas reliefs in Thailand.

First Khmer Temple, Prasat Don Tuan, about 500m inside Cambodia. Phra Wihan NP. 10th/11th Century.


Buddha enjoying some red Fanta, inside.

Time for a ride to a waterfall and some breakfast:

Namtok Samriong Kiat:

 Interesting story:

And a fine plate of chicken claw:

Back on the temple trail.

A nice place to chill:

Prasat Hin Ban Samo, Sisaket.


Prasat Tamnak Sai:

Prasat Prang Ku:

Prasat Ta Leng:

On the road Isaan style, palm trees and paddy fields:


Adding some crunchy bits to the rice.

Prasat Hin Wat Sam Kampheang Yai, Sisaket:

Some nasty looking afflictions:

Day 2: Surin.

First stop, a surprisingly long hike up a hill. Prasat Phu Fai:

On the road and a lovely town called Khun Han:

 Prasat Phrai Bung:

Some street dancing for donations.

One donation later and it's back on the road.

Tempting turn-off to Angkor Wat, Cambodia:

Prasat Phumpon:

The oldest prasat in Thailand.

In the middle of a field, in the middle of nowhere, Prasat Ta Mon:

Sitting in a lovely, natural setting, and covered in bamboo scaffolding, Prasat Yai Ngao.

The well maintained Prasat Ban Pluang:

Next to a village school in the middle of nowhere, Prasat Thanong:

Some always enjoyable Isaan sunsets:

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