Waterfall Tour of Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.

An early rise and off to the Emerald Triangle, where Thailand meets Cambodia and Laos.

First stop, a hot and humid hike to Tat Hai Waterfall.

Watch where you walk:

 An ever growing sense of being lost.

Getting there thanks to the GPS.... its sheer size made the long, sweaty hike worthwhile:

Time to find the nearest cup of coffee.

Kaeng Lamduan Waterfall:

Before heading to Huai Luang Waterfall and National Park.

With posters for bamboo rafting, trekking and lots of other things it looks like a good place to spend a weekend.

The rather impressively tall Huai Luang Waterfall.


 Some wild life at Tat Ton Waterfall, Ubon Ratchathani:

Along to Huai Sai Yai Waterfall.

Cinderella beat me to it.


Don't want to be standing thee when the twines snap.

Black crab fishing:

Home of a thousand twisted ankles:

About to get some splinters.

The amazing, and quite surprising, Rak Sai waterfall, Kaeng Tana National Park.

A walk down to the unknown, with a surprising end.

Motorbiking roads through the lovely National Park to the surprisingly beachy, Sae hua Meao Waterfall, right next to Laos.

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