Phra Pa Daeng... Countryside in Bangkok.

Countryside in the center of Bangkok!

The 10thb ferry.


 Helping her mum with the cooking.

 Hunting monitor lizards.

 A view across to Silom

 Rug salesman.

 How everybody gets around... Bicycle.

 Caught behind a taxi:

 Mobile Bed-shop.

 Plenty of nice corners to practice your Valentino Rossi impersonations.

Simply hope on the ferry at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 50.

10thb for you and your motorbike!


  1. 10 THB n U can have the spin of your life!!! Not bad!!!

  2. Amazing Thailand eh. :D

    I got the small ferry to Koh Kred one day (people only, no motorbikes allowed)... a massive 2thb. :) Can rent out pushbikes there for 40b and circumnavigate the island. Good day out.